Certified French-English-Chinese Translation Service in Montreal

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Certified / Sworn Translation services

When you apply for a visa, study or work permit, permanent residency or citizenship in Canada, USA and/or other countries, you must submit a list of documents to support your application. You might be required to submit a translated copy of certain documents. These documents include, for example, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, diplomas and degree, academic transcripts, legal judgments, medical records, and police records, etc.

We can offer you fast and reliable Certified / Sworn translation services. You are responsible for verifying the exact requirements from the immigration authorities and/or officials through their official websites or accredited immigration consultants.

In Canada, if a supporting document is in a language other than English or French, the provincial or federal immigration authorities and officials will require the applicants to provide certified (or equivalent) accurate copies of the original documents requested and a version translated by a certified translator. Authority to certify the documents varies by province and territory. Please consult your local provincial or territorial authorities.

If you submit your documents to the ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion of Québec, our team of OTTIAQ-certified translators can provide certified translation services in French or English at a reasonable cost.

If you submit your documents to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) of Canada, you might need to provide the translation by a certified, notarized or sworn translator.

In Canada, a certified translator is a member in good standing of a provincial or territorial organization of translators and interpreters (such as OTTIAQ, ATIO, STIBC, and CTINB). A sworn translator is a professional translator who can provide an affidavit swearing to the accuracy of the translation and the language proficiency before a notary public, a commissioner of oaths or a commissioner of taking affidavits. For more information regarding the IRCC’s latest requirements, please visit its website regularly.

Our network of accredited translators/partners is ready to serve you. You can get a free quote for a certified or sworn translation by scanning and sending your documents to email@transtao-global.ca, or you can upload the files via our website: http://www.transtao-global.ca/en/quote. Please specify your requirements and/or instructions.