Certified French-English-Chinese Translation Service in Montreal

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Global & Local

Are you thinking of extending your business in international markets? How to attract customers speaking other languages?

You need to ask yourself the following questions: Do I understand enough the local culture and tradition of this area? What is the taboo in this local market? How to ensure that your products or services can be well accepted by the consumers speaking another language?

As the effect of globalization continues to increase, more and more companies, especially multi-national enterprises, realize the importance of high-quality language services which go beyond that of pure & word-to-word translation. Also, business managers and organization leaders need to better integrate into the local culture with their ideas, goods, and services. This requirement of localization is inherent in the increasing trend of globalization. Thus, the language service is the key to business expansion.

Compared with conventional translation, localization is a process more complicated that involves transferring and adapting to the local culture. Based on translating between different languages, localization highlights particularly the necessity of adapting the marketing languages to the local convention of the target audience.

This includes, for example, the conversion of units of measurement, currencies, etc. or adaptation of formatting, choice of colors, and cultural markers. Consequently, localization requires not only the linguistic skills of the translator,but also other communication knowledge and expertise, that is to say, a deeper comprehension of the target culture.

Working closely with experienced linguists and experts who understand well their own culture, Transtao Global provides high-quality localization services (such as SEO translation, Software localization, and Multimedia production), enabling accurate and efficient communications of your business in those fast developing markets.

We are here to help you fulfil your international business exploration.